May 27, 2014

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

After much thought and soul searching, I have made the decision to close the Fortunato Consulting Group to assume the position of Chief Development Officer of the Kraft Center for Community Health at Partners HealthCare.

For 12 years, I had the privilege of working with some of the most effective, innovative and transformative nonprofit organizations in Boston. Together, with my loyal and talented team, we raised over $60 million, built countless buildings, created strategies for change and advancement, introduced new programs and ideas, shined a light on some of our city's best kept secrets and - most importantly - coached and trained hundreds of nonprofit executives to become comfortable, confident and successful fundraisers to support their important work.

This personal and professional journey has been growthful and rewarding beyond measure. The people and organizations I have met along the way have become lifelong allies and partners in the effort to make Boston an accessible, affordable, welcoming and compassionate place to live, work and raise a family.

My new role at the Kraft Center gives me the opportunity to focus on an area that has been a mainstay of FCG over the years - community health. My first meaningful forays into volunteerism and community service were at community health centers. In the mid-1980's I served as Chair of the Board of the Fenway Community Health Center (now Fenway Health) at the height of the AIDS crisis and later ran the very first capital campaign at the Codman Square Health Center. When I opened my business in 2003, the South End Community Health Center was my first client and remained with us for 10 years. During the past year working intensively with The Dimock Center, I began to feel the strong pull to be permanently a part of something meaningful and important.

These experiences have led me directly to The Kraft Center, whose mission is to develop a new generation of community health leaders to sustain and grow the capacity of health centers to serve our most vulnerable citizens.

As I look to my next chapter, I first want to look back to say thank you to the special people who helped me build the Fortunato Consulting Group. Without Darcy Pfeifer, there would have been no FCG. As my partner in business and life, Darcy's talents with strategy, tactics and people were the foundation upon which everything else was built and grew. And of course to Fred Florendo, whose loyalty and commitment have been a gift.

I also want to thank our clients. I will always be grateful to the many who placed their faith and trust in the Fortunato Consulting Group, making it possible for us to contribute in a small way to the heroic and radical acts they perform every day. I remain in awe of the front line workers and of their passion and unrelenting commitment to make the world a better place.

I look forward to seeing you around town.

Arlene Fortunato